The Process

Trusting the process is difficult. Especially when plans go awry and it seems like ground is being lost or progress stalled. My health and fitness journey is like that.

I was making great strides then life intervened and threw a few stumbling blocks my way. At first I felt defeated. Then frustration gave way to acceptance as I realized the process may not always align with our plans. Sometimes part of the process is a pause. Whether we like it or not.

Pausing can give us time to evaluate where we are at, where we are going, where we should be going. When I began trusting that the random stumbling blocks were actually part of the process, things began to move and make way for a new plan to evolve.

The process has its own way, the right way, for each one of us. We just have to trust that random unforeseen events or obstacles may show up and are supposed to help guide us, not just frustrate us.

Trusting the process, that’s the hardest part.

E.A. Fussell

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