Family Home

Texting with one of my sisters tonight

Longing for back in the day

When things seemed alright

Back when we were all at home

In a time before there were

So many cell phones

When we were carefree

For the most part

My sisters and brothers and me

Our whole life ahead of us

Most of our family members

Alive and well and still with us

We had no idea no clue

A few short decades later

There would remain so few

If we had known back then

What we know today

Fewer arguments there might have been

Over motorcycles, music, and friends

If we had only known how time would fly

We would have spent our time differently

More time listening to our parents

More time talking with each other

More time hugging our Grandparents

But we can’t go back to days gone by

Except in our memories

Which sometimes make us cry

So much love was there

But our rebellious hearts

Took us elsewhere

We understand now albeit too late

How many loved ones

Would be taken away

And how very quickly time slips away

Now all we can do is remember

And long for those days

E.A. Fussell


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