Getting Stronger

I am participating in my friend’s twenty one day plank challenge. You start on the first day by holding the plank 30 seconds, increasing your time each day until you end up being able to hold the plank for 5 minutes. Now granted theses times don’t sound like much…if you’ve never held a plank. I’m on day nine and have worked my way up to 3:15 with complete confidence I will reach the five minute mark. I can feel my arms getting stronger and it inspired this poem:

Day one

Thirty seconds

Holding a plank

Felt like an hour

The negative voice

Inside my head tried

To convince me to quit

But I toughed it out

Stuck to it

By day nine

Three minutes fifteen seconds

Was my time

Arms less shaky

Confidence is building

Five minutes is attainable

Excited to believe

This challenge is doable

It won’t be long

I am getting strong

Feeling ready to take on

The world

E.A. Fussell


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