Once You Love Me

Be aware

If you’re going to love me

You will never forget me

Long after I’m gone

I will play in your heart

And in your mind

Fading out for a little while

Returning vividly

When a certain song comes on

A certain movie scene plays

A bell rings, or a bird sings

Sometimes the memory of me

Will jump right up out of nowhere

And consume you for a moment

Or two

You will hear my laughter

See my smile

The passion we shared

Cannot be undone

A thread woven thru time

Entwining our lives

I don’t really understand it

But I know it exists

Once you love me

Even when we’re not together

We will visit each other

In a world outside of this

Your lips will still feel my lips

Skin on skin

Hearts racing

Call it a dream, a memory

Call it what you will

The fact remains still

You will never forget me

Once you love me

E.A. Fussell


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