Power to Decide

Some mistake my quietness

Regarding the political realm

As dis-interest or


When in fact I hold

A very solid stance

Political power

Like many other things

Is a double edged sword

Your vote

Is your personal defense

Against those things

Which you don’t agree with

Or your personal offense

For those things

Which you do agree with

Or vise versa

But the world is tricky

It can easily

Manipulate your mind

And before you know it

Someone else is using your vote

As part of their offensive plan

Accurately educating yourself

On important issues is difficult

In the current fake news

Ever screaming wolf

Finger pointing and accusing

Stream of

Never ending negativity

Displayed in every form

Visual, audible, written

It’s easy to hear

The loudest message

It’s difficult to invest

Precious time

Sifting thru the barrage

To determine what is real

And what is garbage

Try to find the time

Shut out the world

Educate yourself

Exercise your power

Or keep your sword sheathed

Either way

The power of your vote

Can end up

Disempowering you

E.A. Fussell


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