Don’t try to fix it

When someone
Is suffering or
Experiencing pain
We instinctively want to
Take away that pain and suffering
To fix it
To help them
Especially if it is someone we love
Taking away their pain
Soothes our pain
But helping them may not be
The best thing for them
By taking away their pain
We may also take away
Their chance to learn and grow
We could actually hinder
Their ultimate path in this life
If we keep stepping in
We risk not allowing any room
For God to move
In their heart and mind
One of the hardest things to do
When we love someone
Is to watch them suffer
Even when the suffering
Is caused by their own choices
True compassion sometimes means
We need to share in their suffering
Through the pain we experience
By letting them experience
The pain they are going through
Without trying
To fix it
We are not responsible
For their circumstances or choices
And God does not need us
In order to help them
He may actually
Want us to be still
And know that
He is God

E.A. Fussell

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