Set your course

Hopes and dreams

Can be fragile

Like a paper ship

We gently hold onto them

Nurturing them

Growing them

Unfolding and refolding them

Afraid of letting them go

Not wanting them to disintegrate

Before our very eyes

Not sure who to trust

With our ideas and desires

Not sure which ocean of motion

To set their course in

Ponder this:

What if holding onto those ships

Is what keeps them fragile

What if letting them go

Setting them on a course

Where the wind can carry them

Can push them

Where they need to go

Would actually

Strengthen them

And bring them back to us

Laden down with all our wildest

Hopes and dreams

We are the in charge of our fleet

Of hopes and dreams

We can keep them

Safe in the harbor of our mind

Or we can set them free

To sail the ocean

Of the Universal mind

And see what it brings

E.A. Fussell


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