Cause and effect

This lovely tightly bound lily along my walking path reminded me of how I have been feeling and inspired this poem:

Rain falls
Flowers spring forth
Some with buds tightly bound
Time passes
Growth happens
Forcing the bud open
When it is ready
It will bloom beautifully
For a season
Then go into it’s resting phase
Until another season comes

Some of us are like this bud
We’ve had other seasons
Where we bloomed brightly
We’ve had our resting phase
But now
We hold onto ourselves
Not quite ready
Bound tightly
Keeping our beauty hidden
Until we are ready to bloom again

Time passes so quickly
As we age
Growth is a little slower
Our bodies can’t always reflect
The strength of our mind, our heart
We can choose to embrace
The freedom of unfolding
The joy of feeling
The sun
And the rain
On our beautiful seasoned face

E.A. Fussell

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