Springtime’s call

Yes, I see you

Standing there in all your glory

Beckoning me to join the fun

Promising me the freedom

Of a wild run

You come around to visit

This time every year

Bringing feelings of unrest

And longing

The desire to pack a bag

Just go

No particular destination

Time is of no essence

The sun on our backs

The wind in our face

Headed wherever we want

No designated place

Walking the sands of a beach

The mountains for a hike

Throwing a dart at a map

Going wherever we like

Breaking free

Of the ties that bind

Obligations of the mind

Oh how I long to join you

On your wild run

Work has me tethered

So I’ll watch from a distance

Maybe next year

When you come to visit

I won’t hesitate

I will fully participate

Until then I’ll drink you in

Through the color of the wildflowers

And nature’s beauty sublime

Reminding me you are here

Standing in all your glory

Calling to me


E.A. Fussell


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