Senseless provocation


Why should one persons life

Be considered

More valuable than another

Why should one persons death

Be considered more atrocious

Than another

Life is intrinsically valuable

Regardless of what an individual

Chooses to do with it

Regardless of the circumstances

An individual is born into

Death is atrocious

Regardless of it’s circumstances

Or cause

Death is a wicked thief

Always stealing something

From someone

Be it the dead

Or those left alive

Who have to deal with

The death of the dead

Time slips away as

Emotions spin out of control

For what

All of the screaming

All of the crying

All of the love

All of the hate

Will not bring one soul back to life

Will not right the wrong

Why do we allow death to matter

So much

Especially if we are strangers

To the dead

Death is inevitable, unavoidable

Life is avoided

If we are preoccupied

With death

Let the dead bury the dead

Let the living make a better life

E.A. Fussell


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