Mind gripping

We have taken something

That could be used for good

And allowed it to be turned into a

Most dangerous weapon

Squawking screens in various forms

Wearing the cloak of information

Promising updates on the latest




Isn’t it interesting that information

Does not always lead to Understanding

And bad information

Can make intelligent people


We’re searching for the truth

All the while knowing

We never really get the truth

What we get is the latest sensation

Twisted and blown up

Magnified into something that

Attracts or repels

Playing on the senses

Attracting our lower nature

Like a moth to the flame

The false light

Illuminating from a screen

On a tv, computer or phone

Throws off our internal navigation

We stop thinking for ourselves

We start listening to the message

Designed to be sensational

Selling ideas, products, beliefs

Pushing the drug of information

Addictive and poisonous

With an invisible chain

Tied to the controller

Sucking out the brain

While making believe

It is informing us

E.A. Fussell


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