Resist or conform

I wonder if my luggage

Could pass as a mask

I ponder the idea

Of changing my resolve

From solidly resisting

The attack on our freedom

Not accepting direction from

Social propaganda and lies

Has me stranded at home

When I really want to fly

The Bible tells me

I’m being disobedient that

I should go with the flow

And give my adversary a high-five

Keep my opposing thoughts

On the down-low

I am in a mental and emotional


Half a year has gone by

Normally by this time

I would have traveled near and far

Now I barely leave my town

And only by car

The deciding factor

The determining end

May be an invitation to Alaska

From a long-time friend

A view of the last frontier

Sounds super appealing

I just have to convince

My stubborn self

That my resistance

Makes no difference

One way or the other

I’m just a blip on the radar

Watching world events

That make no sense

All the while I’m just

Longing for the wilderness

E.A. Fussell


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