Photo by Jay Michaud

Enter the gate to another dimension
The length, width, and depth of it
You have yet to know
Should you chose to enter in
You won’t be the same
When you come out again
You’ll be transformed
From deep within
And a mind
Once expanded
Cannot return
Certain knowledge gained
Cannot be unlearned
Choose your course
And choose wisely my friend
Ignorance is bliss they say
But is it really
Would you like to know
What it’s like to play
With dragons of old
Knowledge is like a dragon
Sometimes dormant, sleeping
Then waking to devour the mind
In consuming thought
Burning up old ideas
Igniting new possibilities
Would you like to learn
How to detach
And observe the dragon playing
Without the urge
To grab your sword
And immediately start slaying
Enter in my friend
Stay as you are

E.A. Fussell

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