You and you alone know

Learn to be okay

With people not knowing

Your side of the story

They will believe whatever

They want to

Regardless of your truth

Can’t you see

Your truth is really only

Your truth

You are the only one

Who knows what’s in your heart

Or in your head

It’s your experience alone

And others

Can never fully comprehend

What your experience has been

Just as you

Can never fully comprehend theirs

Stop trying to explain yourself

It’s a waist of energy

Just be yourself

Some will like you

Some won’t

That’s okay

Our purpose here

Is not to win a popularity contest

Our purpose is to be our best self

Not a carbon copy of someone else

Not a puppet

Allowing others to pull the strings

Not a docile

Go-along-with-the-crowd crony

Not a one-day-when goal seeker

Our purpose is to be

The best version

Of what we were created to be

Artist, writer, farmer, teacher, singer

Doctor, lawyer, architect, contractor

Realtor, laborer, driver, rancher

So many labels to choose from

Don’t accept any on them

They can never fully express

Who you are

A unique individual with

Independent thoughts and ideas

Find a way to be okay

With only you

Knowing the truth

About you

E.A. Fussell


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