Pondering a Glass

People seem to like to state

Their opinion regarding a glass

Contemplating whether

It is half full or half empty

Why is it never over flowing

Some say it’s refillable

What about replaceable

A few things seldom mentioned

It’s size or lack thereof

Think about it

A shot glass

A wine goblet

A quart mason jar

Half-full for one could be

Multiple fills for another

It’s cost or value

What is it made of

Melamine plastic or

Antique crystal

Where did the glass come from

Was it a family heirloom

Or an impulsive purchase

So many more questions

Could be posed regarding the glass

It’s interesting how we cling to ideas

Simplifying complex theories

Imagining we have made

A profound statement

Instead of diving Into a thing

Viewing it from all angles

What might happen

If we switched up

Took time to think


Analyze our concepts

Of a theory

Or saying

And of course

There is the important point

That the glass is really not

A glass at all

E.A. Fussell


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