The darkness hides

You think you know her

But you really have no idea

How much pain and hurt

She hides behind that smile

You see one side

Of a multi-faceted gem

The darkest side is hidden

Deep within

You see the side

The light gets in

Her darkness isn’t sinister

It’s forged by her children

From the still born ones

To the ones who have chosen

Addiction to drugs

Had she chosen not to be a mother

Her smile might be a little brighter

Her heart might be a little more full

Being a mother has taught her

Sometimes women should just

Say no

And not follow society’s path

Of love, marriage, children

Had she rebelled

When she was young

Had she chosen back then

To walk alone

Instead of hitching her horse

To someone else’s wagon

She may not have had to watch

Her children

Facing dragons

Some devoured before birth

Or worse

Those being eaten alive

Right before her very eyes

E.A. Fussell


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