Hostess challenge

Why do we invite

Disagreeable things

Into our heart

People, memories, thoughts

We sweep them out a space

Hang pictures on the wall

Make them all nice and cozy

Play the perfect host

For a guest who rips to shreds

It’s abode

Until it’s an unrecognizable space

Why do we listen

To such an inconsiderate thing

Why do we allow

The damage it brings

Remodeling us from the inside

Refusing to leave

Until we find it difficult

To recognize ourselves

Or return

To a former joyful state

Realizing too late

All we have to do

When a disagreeable thing

Knocks on the door of our heart

Is refuse to let it in

Throw the locking bolt in place

Protect our sacred space

Let someone else win

The hostess award

E.A. Fussell


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