Kingly battle

Two kings

Cannot sit

On one throne

Only one can rule

The stronger

May not always be

The better choice

But sheer brute force

Will often tip the balance

As ego

Muscles it’s way to the top

Our ego mind

Is like a brute force hellion

Set on being king

Of our thoughts

It parades ideas and beliefs

Wrapping them in emotions

Trying to make our heart

Believe that we are the stories

That tie identity to us

But that is

A mischievous untruth

We came here all knowing

As nothing

With nothing

No name

No Identity

No prejudice

No judgement

No possession

No obsessions

We came

As pure awareness

But our ego wants us

To somehow be more

It convinces us that striving

Is the best way

Doing this achieving that

Being better than this one

Doing more than that one

Creating distance and distractions

From who we really are

We are

Pure awareness

Un-conscious sub-conscious

Wrapped in consciousness

Encased in human form

All knowledge and understanding

Are already ours

If we are brave enough

To dive deep into our heart

And remember who we really are

If we put our ego mind aside

The Kingdom of God

Within us resides

E.A. Fussell


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