You are the bandleader

From the heart the mouth speaks

Is your heart in a good place

What is coming out of your mouth

Are you uplifting and encouraging

Or are you judgmental



Your words can create high energy

Symphonic color-filled gardens

Or they can create dark drab

Energy draining spaces

When we’re busy

We can fail to take a moment

To think about our words

And their impact

I am trying to be more aware

Of what I say and how I say it

Not just to others

But also to myself

I am also trying to be more silent

Not feel compelled

To immediately answer a question

Or join in a conversation

Let the silence exist long enough

To be noticeable

There is so much chatter and noise

Silence can be profound

Speak volumes

And fill the space with

A different kind of beautiful music

E.A. Fussell


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