Just say No

Stop feeling compelled

By the false since if kindness

To say yes

Saying yes to multiple things

That you don’t really want to do

Is not really kind to anyone

Especially you

It builds subtle resentment

And internal disappointment

Drains your energy and

Steals valuable moments

You could be investing in your

Longevity and overall well-being

Learn to say “No.”

If saying no to an invitation

Is too difficult for you

Try saying something like

“I don’t think so, but if that changes, I’ll let you know.”

It’s okay to protect your time

One of your most

Precious possessions

Stop giving it away

To persons, events, activities

That you don’t fully enjoy

Look, if an invitation is something

You truly want to do

Then do it

But if it’s not

Then don’t be afraid to decline

Learn to invest your time

In things that lift you up

Cause you to smile

Feel relaxed


Maybe even

Luxuriously pampered

E.A. Fussell


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