Obvious observations

Photo by Renn Lawrence

Wise old owl

Sittin’ on a knotted fence post

Watchin’ the world

Get crazier by the moment

Unable to tell

Who’s crazy the most

Maybe it’s the donkey

Maybe it’s the elephant

Maybe it’s the Muslims

Maybe it’s the Christians

Maybe it’s the latest

Activist movement

Stirring up chaos and unrest

Tearing down statues

Breaking down traditions

Enforcing social distance

No hugs, no smiles, no high fives

Enslaving people

Via social media

And fear for their lives

A few more days

The votes will all be cast

Will the craziness end at last

When the final bell

On election night tolls

It’s a nice thought

But hardly wise

How can a system

Based on lies

Bring itself in balance

When it’s crooked on all sides

E.A. Fussell


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