The Keeper of the Stars

To say this year hasn’t gone as planned wouldn’t really have much effect and certainly wouldn’t surprise. Just a few weeks left to accomplish whatever might be accomplished. Usually a new year is looked upon with eyes full of hope and a mind full of promise. One would think even more so following this past year of chaos. Interestingly it is not so. There is reserved enthusiasm in the air as we look ahead with one eye while looking back with the other, still not quite sure exactly what we saw but certain it wasn’t what we were made to believe it was. Concerned there may be more tricks up the sleeve of the silent powers that be who use the squawking scorpion, known as social media, to deliver their sting. Oh yes, we know you are there, even when we pretend to be unaware. Lurking in the under belly of darkest green, raking in the profits from everything obscene. Peddling human life at a pittance per pound in staggering ways ancient yet profound. We won’t kick the old dragon we’ll let him roam. Devouring souls one digital screen at a time until the trumpeter blows the celestial horn and a promising new era has finally dawned. We shouldn’t be surprised or alarmed. The story stretches back along a clear line laid out above us for those who seek, they will find, it was written in the stars before the beginning of time.

E.A. Fussell


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