Back on track

Do you ever get off track

I do

Then I have one of those

Conversations with myself

You know the kind

Where you beat yourself up a little

Until you re-commit and

Double down the effort

To stay on track

Health is my focus and

Releasing body fat is part of that

Overall target

I chug along on track

Releasing a few pounds

That eventually total twenty



I’m stuck on a plateau platform

It’s more difficult to stay

On a strict plan when

You aren’t experiencing results


Off track I go

Walking less

Eating more


A pound gained here another there


I tell myself

We are NOT going backwards again

Followed by

A harsh verbal beating of myself

Then a calm remembering

Of progress made this year

And an enthusiastic setting

Of a new goal

Doubling down on my commitment

To stay focused

To stay on track


Here I go

I’m on my way

To another minus twenty

Destination depot

E.A. Fussell


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