Solitary requirements

Please don’t try to fix me

I would ask you to understand me

But how could I ask such a thing

When I don’t even

Understand myself


I get sad

My energy gets low

I just need time alone

So alone I go

Secluding myself

Within myself

Shutting out the world

Restoring my vitality

Improving my soul

Eventually I let the world back in

For a time

I never know how long

The season of allowing

Will last

Before the season of alone

Begins again

The alone season is just as


It can be a day, a week, a month

Until I feel able

To face the push and pull

Of other souls

All going about their normal life

Oblivious of my strife

My smile hides it well

Only a few other seasoned souls

Can tell

Through the light in my eyes

They know it well

They live it too

Something unexplainable inside

Sometimes dim

Sometimes bright

E.A. Fussell


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