Wrestling Creation

Dear Women,

Why do we think we have to prove

We can be as strong as men

Why do we laugh

In our Creator’s face

Saying I don’t like

Your master design

I’ll show you

I can be different

Than you in tended me to be

Men were designed

To be stronger than us

To be more focused than us

To provide for us

We were designed

To be helpers of men

Not leaders over them


Is our power and strength

Yet we boldly started going about

Loudly proclaiming

Our demands

Dominating became our plan

Instead of working

In the background

Building castles

Creating empires

Raising warriors

We threw it all away

In our desire to reign

Things got really twisted

Men are becoming weaker

As the scale wobbles

In the ongoing battle

Between what nature intended

And what we are trying to capsize



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