Impact without knowing


The catchphrase of promotion


Not everyone

Wants to be an open participator

Some like to be observers

I’m learning not to be concerned

About it

If I touch even one person’s heart



If I lift even one person’s spirits

If I make even one person

Feel not so all alone

And if that one person chooses

To keep their thoughts

To themselves

I am still blessed

By blessing someone else

Engagement happens

Even when acknowledgment

Is not exchanged

Do not let promoters convince you

That you have to have

Engagement to be successful

Convince yourself

To create whatever you desire

Without concern for comments

Or even ever knowing

Whether someone was

Positively impacted

By your creation

Express your truth

Without flavoring it

Toward promotion

Engagement will happen

Even if it is unspoken

E.A. Fussell


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