Here go I

Did you ever feel like there was a big joke happening and you were missing the punchline. Somehow everyone got it, but you. That’s how I feel when watching the political circus in any country.

Did you ever wonder what would happen if everyone took their attention off of the power struggle between candidates, parties, countries, if we stopped participating in their elections, manipulations, wars? If we focused on ourselves and taking care of our immediate surroundings in a peaceful way?

Ah ha, therein lies the crux. At our core we are creatures of conflict. Peace is difficult to obtain within our own selves so how can we expect it outside of ourselves? Internal conflict occurred when our spirit decided to enter this body of flesh and experience being human. From that point a battle began between our peaceful spirit and our active mind. The mind likes to attach to people, ideas, beliefs, things. With attachment comes ego. With ego comes desire for power. With desire for power comes struggle and corruption. Struggle and corruption create a political circus in any country. And there you have it.

Is it possible for us all to live in peace? Not all, not in this life. In this life a very few will learn how to transcend their internal battle to overcome their busy mind and get to their quite core spirit to live peacefully. Some of us will experience it in glimpses or brief interludes as we continually seek it. Most will lose the battle too lost in mind and ego to find their way or even recognize that they are lost.

As for me, I will continue to wear my dunce cap as I turn and go down a path to try and find my way past my mind to the center of my core so that I can live internally peacefully as the circus rages without me.

E.A. Fussell


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