Choosing better, as we age

Minute by minute

We are changing at a cellular level

Little things can make a difference

Like choosing more

Vegetables and fruit

Instead of sugary snacks

Walking, hiking, biking, swimming

Moving daily

In any way that

Refreshes the body and mind

Our cells are going to change


And our choices do affect

The change we experience

Weight, skin, organs, tissue

Are impacted by our choices

Environment, exercise, nutrition

Play a role and compound the effect

Of choices made

Over the years

The effects of bad choices

Start showing up


Aging brings on its own challenges

When coupled with years

Of youthful neglect

I now have to consciously choose

To try and repair the damage

And prevent further deterioration

Of my body, yes, but

More importantly of my mind

Breaking old habits

That have been reinforced

By years of bad choices

Requires diligence and dedication

Some days go great

Some days not do much

My desire to age in a quality way

Keeps me moving forward

Shaking off the bad days

Rejoicing in the good ones

Knowing that each day

Presents itself anew

And allows me

Another opportunity

To cleanse my system

And my vitality renew

E.A. Fussell


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