Silver Felt Stetsons

Granny gave him one

Every once in a while

A silver Stetson

For his birthday or

Their anniversary

I realize now

That it was a lot of money

From their income

And she was probably

Always saving a few cents

Here and there

To get the next one

I remember how big

The smile

On Grandpa’s face would be

When he saw the large box

Wrapped and bowed

And how proudly he wore

His new hat

To visit family and friends

To funerals or weddings

It would absorb

The sweat of his brow

In the Florida sun

And eventually look like

The older one

Hanging on the rack

The one that he wore everyday

With spots and stains

And stories to tell

Of work and play

Silver felt Stetsons

Will always have

A special place in my heart

Because they remind me of the

Toughest, kindest, finest man

I have ever known

And his wife

Who put so much stock

In making sure a new one

He owned

E.A. Fusssell


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