Wasted love for foolish pride

You should have asked me

To marry you

I would have

You thought our age difference

Was an issue

It wasn’t

I wanted you to ask me

But to have told you thus

Would have been like

Asking you to ask me

And then

I would have had to say


To save my pride

Silently I waited

You didn’t ask

I moved with my work

The distance

Made you question us more

Resentment grew

You felt neglected

I felt rejected

Silently we stewed

Until suddenly


There was no more us

Just me

And you

Going on with our lives


I still think about you

Remember your voice

Your laugh

Your mind

That brilliant mind

The kind that’s hard to find

The kind I long to be

And suddenly

I realize

Foolish misplaced pride

Blinded me at the time

And what should have been

I should have asked you

To marry me

E.A. Fussell


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