Letting go of Expectations

Living without expectations

Trying to learn how to do it

Forced by life

To understand that

Expectations are useless

And can only lead to misery

When we expect something

And it doesn’t go our way

The way we imagined


Disappointment, frustration or

Heartbreak set in

Our expectations evolve

Over time from

Values, beliefs, experiences

All unique to each of us

So how can we know for sure

That our expectations align

With those of another

We may have

Completely different visions

Playing out in our mind

And then there is life

With it’s own set of complex

Incomprehensible scenarios

Impacting our plans

In ways

We may never understand

When life gives way to death

And loved ones leave us

Through normal courses

Or worse, unexpectedly

We begin to comprehend how

Useless expectations can be

So, here sit I

Clearing my mind

Tapping into primal instinct

Learning how to do it

Living without expectations

E.A. Fussell


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