Find your bucket

Find your bucket. There is a deep well that only you can access. Within it you will find words, music, art, crafts, a plethora of things waiting to be created in a special way that only you can accomplish.

What expression of creativity is calling to you? Longing for others to hear it, or see it, through your eyes, your voice, your touch, your unique way.

Get yourself a bucket in the form of a pen, paint brush, sewing machine, or guitar, whatever type bucket you need to dip into yourself and pour out something, anything. Keep it to yourself or share it with a loved one. Throw it in the trash, hide it in a drawer or show it to the world.

You and I could create the same thing and they would still be different. Each of us brings our own unique touch, energy, vision to a thing.


If you don’t do it, that thing that is calling to you, will never be seen, heard, felt, touched, tasted, done. Maybe it’s a whisper you can barely hear, maybe it’s a shout that is screaming at you. Why are you ignoring it? Why are you hesitating? Maybe it will only mean something to you, maybe it will change the world.

If you don’t create it.

You will never know.

E.A. Fussell


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