Saving daylight

Did anyone even ask daylight if it wanted to be saved?

Or, like most things government, did they just impose the regulation upon it under the premise “for the good of the people”? Where are these people it is good for? I don’t know any “people” who would have voted for this imposition upon daylight. No one really wants it, no one understands it, no tangible benefit is derived from it, yet it continues to exist as all government impositions tend to do.

For six months the illusion of saving daylight plays out until daylight refuses to be saved and “falls back” into its prodigal ways. Much like a confused soul fluctuating between organized damnation and using free will, daylight drifts back and forth, being saved, falling back, in a never ending illusion that somehow time can be harnessed or manipulated when in fact time cannot be touched aside from this moment right now, and it is already gone.

E.A. Fussell


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