Un-hurry yourself

Honey child
Your energy introduces you
Before you even speak
Un-hurry yourself

In this age of speed
Where we are bombarded
With information
It is invigorating to
Slow down
Rest your brain a minute
Or longer

In this age of distraction
Turn off the noise and chatter
Focus on this moment
Hear the whisper
Of your own soul
Bask in the luxury
Of awareness

In this age of constant
Where being busy is idolized
Allow yourself to hit pause
Find a comfortable place to sit
“Do” nothing
Just “be”

High speed internet, busyness
An overfilled schedule
Are all obstacles to attaining
Whatever you are seeking
It’s counterintuitive but it works
Take time to do nothing
And something will occur

Yes, sitting with yourself
With your own thoughts
Disconnected from the
Digital world
Listening to your soul
Can be very uncomfortable

The more uncomfortable it is
The more you need it
So take time for yourself
Let go of the pressure to be
Constantly busy
To truly connect

Honey child
You are enough just as you are
But if you insist on being more
Un-hurry yourself

E.A. Fussell

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