What are you bringing?

This doormat made me smile when I read it. Especially early in the morning: “hope you brought wine”

But it also made me seriously ask myself the question: What am I bringing, not just in this moment, but everywhere I go, everyday?

At a spiritual level I Believe, but at a logical level do I truly comprehend what it is that I bring regardless of how I conduct myself?

The Wine
The Bread
The Breath
The Great I Am

All knowledge
All understating
All wisdom
All creation
All power


As Believers we carry these things with us all the time, everyday, everywhere. We just don’t always actively comprehend the magnitude of what we represent. The authority that we hold.

The people of this confused world truly do hope we brought wine, even when they don’t think they want it.

Lord, let us remember that we always bring the purest wine there will ever be, that Your authority is here for us to use it, and help us conduct ourselves accordingly.

E.A. Fussell

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