No longer the puppeteer

Six decades of life

You pulled my strings

Made me dance 

To all the tunes you sing








You wove those strings 

Through my mind

Exploiting every weakness 

You could find 

Caused me to waste 

A lot of love 

And so much time

I can’t turn back the clock

Undo the damage done

I don’t know how much 

Time is left

But at the end 

You will not have won

It took a lifetime

For me to find 

The scissors to cut

These strings that bind

I’ve figured it out

I’m sharpening the blade 

It’s time to set right

This mess you’ve made

With each string that’s cut

More Light shines through 

Pushing back the darkness

Your lies can no longer  

Hide the Truth

As time brings in another year

I remember who I am

And why I’m here

You’re a part of me

I cannot completely 

Release you

But I can surely 

Release me

You will always be there

Whispering in my ear

Trying to get my attention 

No longer the puppeteer 

You’re only one aspect 

Of my multi faceted self

As the strings are cut

I do not fall

Light gets brighter

I rise higher 

Thru it all 

Standing up

By letting go

I will diligently hold

The scissors ready

To cut new strings 

You try to sew

Reminding myself

You’re not as important 

As you would have me think 

You are no longer 

In control

You’re just 

My old 


E.A. Fussell


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