Mother’s Day 2018

Mother’s Day

So many memories

Memories of my Granny

She was the most precious

Woman in my life

My best friend

She is missed every day

Memories of my mother

We have a

Complicated relationship

But have grown a little closer

As we age

Memories of my mother’s in-law

All strong women

All good friends to me

Memories of my children

Two who didn’t survive

And most importantly

Memories of my son

The most precious gift

Of this life

If time could be turned back

My choices during his childhood

Would be different

Work would not be part of my life

My time would be invested

Completely in being a mother

If I had focused more

On spending time with him

Playing, fishing, coloring, reading, talking

Teaching him how to

Build his character

Instead of focusing my time

On building houses

Maybe then my son would be able

To make better life choices for himself

His potential is astounding

If only he could break-a-way

From the darkness that holds him down

Feeling like you failed as a mother

Is the absolute worst feeling

More painful than any other

E.A. Fussell


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