Nervous Excitement



What will our next encounter hold

Clouds like fluffy other worlds

Drift past the airplane window

Bubbly worlds of white

As far as the eye can see

As my carriage of mega horsepower

Transports me over several states

To arrive at our rendezvous destination

Voices chattering, children crying,

Soda can tops popping,

Snack bags rustling

These are the sounds that fill the cabin

Of my carriage

As it traverses the miles

Bringing us closer by the minute

My prayers are given for the pilots,

The plane, the flight attendants,

The passengers

Thoughts rush in

About the last six months

How our conversations have grown

Now imagining soft music

Meditating to instill calmness

In my mind and body

But it doesn’t help much

Mega horsepower has now taken me

Halfway on my journey

These feelings still persist





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