An Old Fashioned Man

He is one of those rare people

The kind most people like

The kind who doesn’t realize his impact

The kind who is mostly thinking of others

Takes little time for himself

A force to be reckoned with

In his passion

To promote his community

Or preserve history

Or take care of his loved ones

He is the kind of man

That can make a wounded woman

Believe in true love again

Believe in taking a risk again

Believe in happily-ever-after again

He brings a since of security

To a world set on destroying itself

He is from another time

A time of shared milkshakes

A time of front porch sitting at night

A time of knowing and helping

Your neighbors

Your local businesses

Your pastor and church members

Sometimes I wonder if he is real

Or just a figment of my imagination

A dreamed up old fashioned man

Representing the life I wish I had

But then a package arrives

And in it the most thoughtful gift

Things to make me feel at home

While I work in a distant place

And I know he is real

He is not a dream

And life is offering us the chance

At how wonderful love can be

E.A. Fussell


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