Thoughts: Create Your World

Thoughts create the world we live in

Life is a negotiation of our thoughts

Some thoughts bring pleasure

Some thoughts bring pain

All thoughts have a cost

Some have a steep price

Most of my life I have

Wasted my negotiating power

Wasted my thinking power

Wasted my creation power

Recently a realization hit me

As I reflected on my world

A world I had created

And I decided that

I want more out of life

And life replied

“Finally, it’s about time!”

So with my thoughts

I am negotiating

A whole new life

One with less worry

More joy

Less frustration

More success

Less debt

More travel

Less darkness

More light

And now each day

I hold my thoughts captive

Until they reflect

The outcome I desire

And I see the future

As if it is today

I feel the emotions

As if they are in play

And I am thankful that

I finally comprehend

How to have more of what I want

And less of what I don’t want

By using the negotiating power

Of the thoughts

Generated by my mind

While creating the world I live in

E.A. Fussell


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