Dancing on the Edge

Life is a delicate balance

Or is it


Haven’t you ever

Pushed the limits

Of your body

Your mind

Your spirit

To find

You are still standing

Or you got back up

We waste so much of our precious time

Playing it safe



For the remainder of my life

I will push myself to the limit

I will dance on the edge of the table

Crystal candelabras be damned

If I should fall

I will get back up

But the universe respects boldness

And I believe it will cheer me on

Allowing me to teeter boldly

On the edge

Exploring “what if’s”

And “why nots”’

Until I slide sideways into the next life

Where I will not make the

Same mistake

Of living securely, safely,

Seated at the table


I will boldly live teetering

On the tables edge of possibility

Crystal candelabras be damned

E.A. Fussell


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