Easter 2020

Easter 2020

Churches closed by the thousands

Just weeks before the anniversary Of one of God’s greatest acts

Christians were manipulated

By an invisible threat

Their mighty God forgotten as

Incomes and freedoms were taken

Without a single question asked

Guns and boxes of bullets

Sat quietly on their shelves

Worse than that

The Whole Armour of God

Lay discarded in the corner

Watching as a nation

Voluntarily participated

Forgetting it’s strong foundation

Amid small truths


By great liars

The media’s talking heads

Who delighted in controlling

The fearful masses

Under the guise of public safety

Proclaiming doom and gloom

Making people believe

That the power of mans illness

Is stronger than God’s fullness

Millions sat at home

Listening and watching

As the messengers conspired

To cripple God’s army

Of Christian soldiers


Not a single bullet was fired

E.A. Fussell


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