Prayer over Unseen Power

Riding as fast as I can

To outrun the ignorance

Of being this creature called man

Outrunning the trap

Of a mind wrapped in fear

Insignificant and small

I watch as wealth changes hands

Power restructuring itself

While people hide at home

Buried in politics

Bombarded by fear

No-one really understands

What’s happening here

Isolation willingly accepted

The reprogramming begins

Days turn to weeks, to months

Company’s crumble

Not just a few, but a whole bunch

Loss of freedom and control

Quickly turning into acceptance

As people rush to feed

From the governments bowl

I refuse to accept

The crumbs from the table

I will ride like hell

As long as I am able

My physical and financial power

May be insignificant and small

With no ability to impact

The unseen hands at work

But my spiritual power

Walked thru deaths wall

So I enter my closet

Put on the Armour

Position myself in prayer

And see myself grow stronger



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