Wearing blinders

Diving in

Ignoring the danger

Surrounded by perils

On all sides

Obvious to the onlookers

But blanked out of sight

By we divers

As if we were wearing blinders

Hungry for the taste of Victory

Thirsty for the Living Water


Yes, we have cut ourselves

On the jagged edges

Of dreams unfulfilled

Yes, we have banged our head

On ideas that went nowhere

Yes, we have jammed our necks

Encountering the shallow waters of

Closed minded observers

Yes, we have lost our breath

In the depths of consuming passion

That tried to entangle us

No, we won’t give up

We will keep searching

Knowing the next experience

May be the One

We were created for

Also knowing the danger

That may damage us beyond repair

Still we dive in

Ignoring the danger

Believing in the unseen



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