Ignore it


Resides in each one of us

It isn’t always beautiful

Or artful

Or interesting


It’s pure evil

Inching its way

Into our thoughts

Growing itself through

Emotions and feelings

Choosing actions

Manifesting consequences

Visible as circumstances









A never ending cycle

Since life began

What circumstances

Are you creating

What are you allowing into

Your mind

Are you choosing to

Live in fear

Surrounded by fires

Of foolish thoughts

Fueling angry feelings

Causing hate-filled actions

Leaving painful circumstances

It’s easy

To look at a circumstance

Get caught up in emotion

And allow the cycle

To start all over again

All sides

Feeling justified

In what they are creating





All believing they are right

Foolish arrogant egos


Look at me I’m a victim

Look at me I’m a hero

Look at me I’m right

Look at me you are wrong

Look at me I’ll fight

Look at me I’m running

Look at me I have all the answers

Look at me you are ignorant

Look at me I’ll take what you have

Look at me I’ll stop you

In your tracks

Look at me

Look at me

Look at me

What if we stopped looking

What might happen

What if we allowed the anger

To rage outside of us

Ignoring it

Not allowing it to seep

Into our emotions

Not allowing ourselves to feel

Like we have to take a side

Any side

Simply ignoring the raging machine

Of hate-filled evil creation

The choice is up to us

Help the raging machine

Continue to exist

In varying states of flame

As it races across our country

Taking fuel through

Our egos need to be heard

As we scream

Look at me

This is what I believe

The choice is up to us

We can choose to

Cut off the fuel supply

To the raging machine

Stop looking

Stop getting caught up

In the emotion of it

Stop trying to justify

Choices of someone else

Stop judging decisions of others

Be responsible for ourselves

Our thoughts

Our choices

Our actions

The circumstances we are creating

Immediately around ourselves

Can impact the atmosphere

Can change the energy of the world

What if we were to

Cut off the consumption

Of rage and violence

Ignore it

Let it play itself out

Outside of us

It’s really not about us

It’s about evil

Always trying

To get a strong hold

Always trying to suck us in

Grab hold of our ego

Force us to take a stand

Make us feel like we have to choose

One side or the other

Just for today

Live your life the way

You choose to be seen

Without having to scream

Look at me

E.A. Fussell


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