Saving the Moon

Three chaps went a boating

On a summer night

Thinking they were on their way

To catch a few big fish

Not knowing they would

Actually save

The moon from a frightful plight

They were drifting with the tide

On a calm sea

Under a star filled sky

Wondering why

No moon was in sight

When they saw a gentle glow

Filling the waves below

They moved closer and closer

To the gentle light

Talking and laughing

As they went

Until the source of the glow

Came clearly into view and

Curiosity gave way to alarm

As they recognized the harm

Suddenly they could see

The moon had fallen into the drink

And was obviously on the brink

Of becoming extinct

Without hope of pulling itself out

The waves slowly rolling in

Unable to swim

It’s light was fading



Reacting quickly

The tall chap stood up

Waved his hat in greeting

Called directions to the others

They followed his orders

And lickety split

Grabbed a casting net

The moon started smiling

Hope renewed

It was watching itself be saved

By an unlikely crew

They got the net in place

Forming a make shift sling

They heave hoed and

The tall chap watched

Through his telescope

As the moon was


Back into space

A big smile on it’s face

As it settled back into place

Far above the earth

Secure once more

And full of light

Thankful to be free

Of the perilous plight

Once again shining bright

For all the world to see

Vowing never again to try and learn

What it would be like to catch a fish

That would just have to remain

A forever wish

E.A. Fussell


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