Words are inside you

Pickup a pen and write

Or a pencil or a crayon

Or a computer or a phone

Just do it

Don’t worry about

What the rules say

Don’t worry about your spelling

Don’t worry about anything

Just let the words flow

Or pull them out from under

The place they are anchored

In your soul

Words set us apart

From every other creature created

Words are powerful

Words are beautiful

Even when they are ugly

Words need to be released

To express themselves

To paint pictures in our imagination

To save lives

To end relationships

To celebrate friendships

To meet strangers

To be seen and heard and used

Words are the most important tool

We have in advancing humanity

Silent words

Will eventually leave you

Don’t betray what you thought

But were unable to say

When you stuff words down

They will make you ill

They will trouble your mind

Unused words will leave you

With an ache no pill can find

Words were made to be used

Use yours

Display them on a blank page

You will be amazed to see

What you have to say

If you let yourself

Express yourself




For your eyes only

Or for the world

It doesn’t matter

Just write



Let your words create

Good, bad

Colorful, plain

Important, silly

Sane, insane

What do you have to say

Are you filled with hate

Or hope

What wants to come forth

Through you

Bright light

Or the darkest darkness

Emotions, feelings, thoughts

Ranging across the spectrum

Of being human

The greatest of these


It doesn’t matter what

You have to say

Or maybe

It does

E.A. Fussell


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