Tales from the Twilight Zone

Ear up close

And I’ll tell you a tale

About a place

Once prosperous

Now completely felled

Cut down by lies

Poisoned by strife

Streets once teaming

People going about life

Now almost empty

An occasional expressionless soul

All you can see are their eyes

It’s kind of creepy

Like a third world country

No smiles

No hugging

No affection

Look in any direction

The same scene

Playing itself out

Small businesses boarding up

While individuals are holed up

Prisoners in their own home

Believing it’s for the best

Willingly playing their role

In some God awful test

Contradicting explanations

From all sides of the fence

Reason, no where to be found

Common sense, nonexistent

When will it all end

How can a massive tangle of lies

That wrecked an entire world

Ever get straightened out

Think about it

In an instant

The time it takes to click a button

On a tv, radio, or computer

And hear the first broadcast

Of impending doom

Just that fast

A thriving place

Now resembles a ghost town

For what was there before

Can never again be found

E.A. Fussell


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