Unnecessary Delays

Common sense

Is not so common

Wrestling with

A government employee

Can show you

Just how uncommon

Common sense has become

There is no consequence for them

In shuffling a permit file

Around on their desk

For weeks at a time

As they send

A carefully planned schedule

Tied to a carefully planned budget

Providing hundreds of jobs

And generating tens of thousands

Of dollars in local

Economic stimulation

Strait to the trash can

Using a few clicks

On a computer mouse

Stopping construction

Of several families houses

With no regard

To the havoc they wreak

Or the lives they wreck

Secure behind

Their government paycheck

Meanwhile in the real world

Dealing with the lack of

Basic common sense

Has become a daily event

In all areas of life

Not just with government

Some days

Are easier to deal with

Than other days


Entering the wrestling ring

Brings no joy

Not one ounce

Keeping my head on my shoulders

Is not as easy as it used to be

My tolerance levels are low

And my patience just might blow

E.A. Fussell


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