I like you

Today an artist I follow was expressing some doubts about pleasing their audience and trying to figure out what was liked. The artist posted something very simple in their exasperation but it was profound in it’s impact. It reminded me to thank you for your expression. Even though I wrote the following response to one person, it applies universally to all of us. When you are tempted to value the appeal or impact of your talent by the number of likes you get, remember the following:

…you are correct, trying to work out what we like , “that way madness surely does lie 🖤🔥😉” …what we like is unpredictable to some degree and ever changing and just because we don’t take a moment to like or comment on a post doesn’t mean we don’t “❤️” it…

I’m guilty of scrolling without liking, however your posts often grab my attention as I pause to enjoy them even though expression of my enjoyment is not often noted with a gesture. This post grabbed my attention and elicited a response.

You don’t need me (or us)

To remind you

That your

Creative expression

Only has to appeal

To you

Only has to fill a need

In you

Only has to be heard

Or seen

By you

In order to impact us

Forgive those of us

Who silently gain inspiration

From you

Your work

Your creativity

Your posts

Without expressing

That we are gaining

This inspiration from you

We are here

Cheering you on

Knowing that

Your allowing us

To be part of your journey

Is a blessing

Thank you

Regardless of who likes

Or does not like something

Keep moving forward

On your path

The impact of your steps

Vibrate wider than is visible

And ultimately you

May never know

Their full impact

Always remember

To do what you like

Because the truth is

Trying to work out

What we like

“that way madness

surely does lie 🖤🔥😉”

❤️E.A. Fussell


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